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Pottery Care Guide

NEVER SUBJECT POTTERY TO SUDDEN TEMPERATURE CHANGES Thermal shock damages or destroys pottery.

Always pre-warm vessels with hot tap-water before pouring boiling water inside.

Always warm the oven and room temperature vessel in oven together. Never place cold vessels into a hot oven.

Always insure the food or liquid completely covers the floor of the vessel and preferably fills it. (this promotes uniform heating and prevents cracking)

Never dry-roast meats in a clay vessel. (Hot food in the centre of a vessel floor can cause uneven heating and promote breaking). Instead try adding a small amount of water to cover the floor of the pot then add your roast and pop it into the oven.

Never place a clay vessel on a hot element or over open flame. Most clay vessels are not formulated to withstand direct flame or heat.

For easy clean up – fill with soapy water, let it soak, for a few moments and use a plastic scrubber for the worst bits.

Never place large platters or trays made of clay into the oven. These large flat surfaces are difficult to heat evenly and cracking could result.

Black marks left by tarnished cutlery can be removed from clay vessels and dishes with a good quality, non abrasive metal cleaner. We are unable to supervise the care & handling of the pottery we have sold. Therefore the customer is totally responsible for cracking, breakage and damage of pottery pieces from date of purchase.